Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rain Bird Sprinklers - in review

When I put in my first sprinkler system, I didn't really pay attention to what I was doing or what product I was buying. I struggled with dry brown spots and seemed to have long watering times with low results. The next sprinkler system I put in I paid more attention to details and products. I found the Rain Bird series and have found that some of my old problems have gone away. If you are putting in a new sprinkler system this year, here is a little information about why I chose Rain Bird Sprinkler(s): 
The first thing I noticed about these sprinklers is that they are made with heavy-duty materials. Sometimes you can find sprinklers for inexpensive but that is just what they are, inexpensive and cheap. If you want a good, reliable sprinkler pay the extra couple bucks for a good one. With a patented stem seal (which keeps debris out) and a heavy-duty stainless steel spring you know you are getting a good product.  Depending on what you are looking for, this product has a lot of different pop-up heights and nozzle combinations. You will most certainly find the sprinkler that works for your yard or garden. 
Most Rain Bird sprinklers come with a Dual Spray™ nozzle.  This nozzle is designed to improve close-in watering coverage and eradicate brown spots, with a spray distance from 6 to 15 feet.  It is also supposed to reduce watering times by more than 30 percent. There are also a variety of spray nozzles to choose from such as full circle, part circle end strip, side strip, center strip, square and adjustable patterns. You can purchase this nozzle as pre-installed or as bodies-only if you are looking to customize your own nozzle patterns and throw distances. Also, certain series, such as the 1800, have an adjustable pattern nozzle that can water any part of a circle from 0 degrees to 360 degrees – no tools are needed for the adjustment and the water is dispersed evenly regardless of the pattern set. 
If you are looking to water shrubs, small lawns or irregularly shaped planting areas, Rain Bird has a line sprinklers that allow for precision watering and head-to-head coverage. They offer multiple pop-up heights from two inches to twelve inches which maximizes your flexibility.
However, if you are like me and have a large lawn, I suggest taking a look at the 5000 series. 
5000 series

Designed for large lawns, the 5000 series are rotor sprinklers that can reach areas from 25 to 50 feet.  They are engineered to distribute the water evenly in a uniform spray pattern, which I have found gives a consistently green lawn. This is also done by larger water droplets that prevent misting and airborne evaporation.

Like other Rain Bird models, this series it equipped with a heavy-duty retract spring (which assures positive pop-down), arc adjustment (only requiring a flat-head screwdriver) and a radius adjustment screw that allows up to 25 percent radius reduction – without changing nozzles.

In all, I have been pleased with my switch over to these sprinklers and if I ever end up putting in another sprinkler system I know what I will use!

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