Friday, February 28, 2014

American Standard Bathroom Sink Review

In my house there are three bathrooms. I don’t really care about how they look as long as the plumbing is correct and everything is working. I just get in to get the job done and get out. But my wife thinks that bathrooms have to look nice. I’m not sure what that means but I don’t argue.

Recently she wanted to update our guest bathroom. I thought it looked fine but she insisted. She wanted new faucets and tile. She wanted an update on the paints and the decorations. I just handle the plumbing part of things and she does the rest.  My wife got it in her head she needed a new sink for that bathroom. 

We looked around at your basic sink but she wanted something a little fancier. There are a variety of sinks on the market now days.  They come in almost any color and materials such as vitreous china, fireclay, enameled cast iron, acrylic sinks and even tempered glass.  If you are looking for bold colors Enameled sinks come in all shades as well as earth tones and grays. As we were looking I was surprised to see stainless steel sinks becoming more and more popular in the bathroom. My wife is much more tradition material and color. After looking around for weeks we settled on an American Standard bathroom sink(s).

The thing my wife loved about this sink, that she felt set it apart from a “regular” sink, was that it is an above-counter sink. It is a basin type and very spacious. I wasn't sure about it at first but after experiencing it for quite some time now, I am glad we got this sink.

We chose this sink for a few reasons. Of course my wife chose it for looks – she liked the look of it, round above-counter and all. She also liked the bowl shape with no faucet holes or overflow. I’m glad she liked it for looks but I didn't buy it just for looks.

I really like the vitreous china and the spaciousness of the basin. At first I was worried with it not having an overflow but the depth of this sink makes up for it. The faucet is not installed direction on the sink bowl.  Previously in that bathroom we had an under-counter sink; however we were replacing the counter tops with granite so that was not much of a problem. If you are considering an above-counter sink you made need to do some adjusting with some decorative plates to cover the holes.

Although above-counter sinks are becoming more popular in high-end homes and mater bathrooms, I was afraid that I would have to pay a lot more than I was wanting. I actually found a great deal on this sink that was not all that much more expensive that buying one similar to what we originally had in the bathroom.

My wife and I have had the new sink in that bathroom for a month or so now. Both of us have been pleased with our purchase and would recommend this sink to anyone looking for this particular style. 

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