Thursday, January 23, 2014

Toto Bidets

            Although we may not think of it, we use a lot of toilet paper during the day.  Whether it be for use in the restroom or other things such as blowing your nose, we consume a lot of toilet paper!  This in turn means that we are using a lot of trees to make the toilet paper.  I wouldn’t consider myself an environmentalist, but I do think there are some things that we can do in order to reduce waste.  One of these things is to have a bidet in your bathroom.  Not only do they reduce the use of toilet paper, they also get you cleaner than toilet paper alone.

            There are different types of bidets on the market.  Toto bidets are among the best money can buy and they offer different options for keeping you clean.  There is the basic bidet and the washlet technology which has also been called the “bidet toilet seat” by some.  Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

            Basic bidets generally cost less than a toilet seat with bidet capabilities.  They also come with the option to use hot or cold water (or a mixture of both).  They are a separate unit, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on who you talk to.  Some think that it is a burden to have to clean the toilet AND the bidet.  In addition, if you want to add a bidet to your existing bathroom, you would have to redo the plumbing so you can hook up and drain the unit. So, the main advantage of the basic bidet is cost, many can be purchased at a fraction of the price.
            Washlet seats are one of the greatest innovations that has come from the toilet and toilet seat industry.  Some of the seats are designed so that they can fit any toilet, which means you wouldn’t have to remodel your bathroom in order to install one.  Other models of the seat come with extras such as a remote or a built in seat warmer.  The remote can control such things as the temperature of the seat, the temperature of the water used for cleansing, the direction the water will shoot, and the pressure that is associated with the water.  It also can open the toilet seat with the touch of a button and flush the toilet as well!  The big disadvantage of this seat is the cost, which can be thousands of dollars, depending on what you get.

            Whatever you decide to do, you will know that you are helping to reduce the use of toilet paper and that you will leave feeling cleaner than you have before!  Toto bidets are built to last, innovative, and designed to be functional.  They also take into account the ecological issues that are associated with water use and the environment.  Since I have had an established job, we have always tried to have some sort of bidet in our home.  Of the different brands we have used, none have compared to the quality of the Toto brand.

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