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            Let me introduce myself.  My name is Bill Smith.  I’m just a regular guy who likes to do home improvement projects by himself.  I also try to learn new things and share the knowledge that I gain with other people.  I have been working at a plumbing supply house for many years now, so I have learned a lot about the parts and how to install different things.  When I don’t know about something, I try to do research so I can gain more knowledge.
            In this blog, I want to share the experiences that I have and the knowledge that I have gained so that I can help other do-it-yourselfers or anyone else who just wants to learn more about plumbing and other home improvement topics.
            Plumbing is interesting to me because it has so many different aspects to it.  It is important to know the differences in the types of pipe that should be used in different parts of the home, and which fittings work with that certain type of pipe.  For example, copper pipe has a smaller inside diameter than PVC pipe does.  These are two completely different types of pipe (copper is metal, PVC is plastic) that are almost never used together.  It is possible, however, to get the right fittings that will make them connect to one another.
            Pipe is only the beginning.  Many different things can be connected to the pipe, such as toilets, water heaters, faucets, drains, gutters, and many other things.  The pipe that you used to hook up a faucet wouldn’t be the same kind that you would use to drain a toilet or a shower, there is a significant difference in the size of pipe used in these applications.
            I hope that whoever reads posts on this site can be benefitted in one way or another.  Good luck in your efforts to improve your home!

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