Monday, December 30, 2013

Portable Air Purifier

When I was younger, my parents liked to pack all of us kids up and go on family vacations.  It was something that I enjoyed a lot and so I wanted to do the same with my kids when I grew up.  My wife and I try to manage our money in a way that we can at least do one vacation every year with our children.  It builds strong bonds and creates great memories-just like when I was younger, I just have so many fond memories of time spent together on family vacations.  Sure, we didn’t always get along sitting in the car while we were traveling and we had little disputes with each other, but those aren’t the things that stick out in my mind.

            Sometimes there can be set backs on trips such as car trouble or bad weather, but one of the things that I have found to be the worst is when one of us or our children becomes sick.  It seemed like one of our kids in particular would almost always have a runny nose and complain that his eyes were itching.  We determined that he had allergies and so we got some over the counter medicine to see if it would help out.  It did for a little bit, but he still had a runny nose.  We decided to take him to our family doctor to see if there was a prescription medicine we could give him or if there was anything else we could do to help him out.  In addition to giving our son a prescription, the doctor recommended that we get some sort of air purifying system for our home or just even a room unit for our son’s room.

            After discussing it, we decided to get a whole house air purifier and it helped him out a lot.  We didn’t think about it at the time since we were at home, but we soon found out that we would need to do something for him while we were on our vacations.  His medication worked during the day, but in the mornings he would wake up with puffy eyes and dried up snot caked on his face.  We did some searching and we were able to find a portable air purifier that we could take with us on our vacations!  I am so glad that we did!  The next time that we went on vacation, we were able to take the unit with us and set it up in the hotel room that we stayed in without any problem.

            When we got up the next day our son’s eyes looked normal and there was hardly any snot on his face.  He also told us that he felt like he slept better and that it was easier to breathe.  In the past he would sometimes wake up due to the difficulty he experienced trying to breathe but the purifier seemed to make a huge difference.  It is also nice for him to have when he goes to visit my wife’s parents who live a few hours away from us.  I highly recommend a portable unit for anyone who has allergies and likes to travel!

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