Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taking Care of Weeds

            I spent many Saturdays in the spring and summer, along with my family, pulling weeds so that our yard wouldn’t look like a wild jungle.  But even though we spent hours getting rid of these weeds, it seemed like they were all coming back within a couple of weeks.  One area in particular got so bad that some of the weeds were killing the plants that we wanted to have in our yard.  Something had to change!
            I had heard of weed fabric before, but when we moved into our home, there wasn’t any that was installed.  I went to work finding out how much fabric we would need for the different places that had many weeds.  We did what we could to save the plants that were still alive so that we could replant them once our project was done.

            Once we had the fabric and other materials purchased, we got to work clearing the areas where we wanted to prevent weeds.  We laid down the fabric and to ensure that it wouldn’t come up, we secured it down with fabric “staples”. 
We cut out a few holes so we could put our plants back in the ground.  Once they were all planted, we covered the remaining area with wood chips-which added some character to the area and also helps to keep the fabric in place.  We worked on other areas in the yard, using different decorative “toppers”  like wood chips and rocks in other places.
            For the most part, we are weed free!  Nothing can completely stop weeds, but the fabric has done a great job since we have had it!

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