Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fixing Your Faucets Before Replacing Them

            Many bathroom and kitchen faucets are built to last, but nothing can last forever.  Many times when there is a problem with a faucet-if it is leaking or some part of it is broken-it can usually be fixed with some sort of replacement part.  There are washers, o-rings, screws, and many other small parts that can be replaced to fix a broken faucet.  These parts are most commonly used to fix faucets that are leaking-whether it be a handle or the faucet spout.  Sometimes the problem may be something that is a little bigger-such as the handle itself, the faucet spout, or a sprayer unit.  When looking for a solution to the problem, you may have to take the faucet apart in order to know what needs to be replaced.
            Taking apart a faucet can be a challenge, depending on what type of fixture you are dealing with.  When you are taking the faucet apart, it is important to make sure you are doing so in an organized manner.  Some handles, spouts, and sprayer assemblies will have a number of small parts inside of them-like washers, o-rings, etc.  When you are taking apart these different parts, the small parts may fall out-making it difficult for you to know where each part fits.  If possible, find out the brand and model of faucet that you have.  If you are able to find out what faucet you have, you can go in the internet to the manufacturer’s website.  Most of these sites have a resource called the “exploded parts view” document that will show you each part of the faucet and where it fits.  Many of these also have the model numbers of the different parts so that you can find the replacement part that you need.

            A common problem with faucets is that the o-rings or washers will become worn and their ability to create a seal will fail.  This will result in a leak in the part of the faucet where they are installed (whether it be the spout, sprayer, or handle).  Other times, screws will become rusty which can make them brittle and as they are being tightened or loosened they can snap in half.  Other things can happen (such as kinds messing around in the bathroom where they shouldn’t be playing at all) and the handle or other part of the faucet will break.  There are many replacement handles that can be purchased to fix these problems as well.  Buying a replacement part will save you money, especially if you are buying a small washer as compared to purchasing a new faucet entirely.
            There are many other parts to faucets that I haven’t mentioned that can be replaced.  Finding out which part is causing the problem is half the battle.  Once you have determined the cause of the problem, it should be fairly easy to find a replacement part (if your faucet isn’t extremely old).  Once you have the parts, you should be able to get your faucet fixed and running in no time!  If you already know what part you need, find it here.  


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