Monday, September 2, 2013

Where to Buy Pumps and Pump Parts

            When it comes to plumbing, heating/cooling, and irrigation, there are many different types of pumps that can be used for each category of the industry.  With so many options available, it can be confusing and overwhelming to find a pump that fits your specific wants or needs.  This is why when I want to buy a pump or pump replacement parts, I go to Plumber’s Stock.
            On the website, I can search all sorts of pumps and find replacement parts when they are needed.  Not only do they have a large selection of pumps and parts, there are different areas and ways to make my search easier for me.
            For example, the other day I was looking for a transfer pump to help my neighbor install a sprinkler system in his yard.  I got on the website and at the top was a drop down menu that I put my mouse pointer over and then a list popped up.  I was able to go right down to pumps and click on it for easy access to the different options that were offered on the site.
            Once this page came up, I was able to click on “Transfer Pumps” which brought every transfer pump that is available through the site.  Also on this page there was a description of what the pump is, the different uses for it, other things to consider when buying the pump, and a section to contact the company if I had any other questions.
            Each product that was displayed could be clicked on to bring up a description of each pump and the cost for each one.  Many of each individual page have resources that are in pdf format such as instruction/installation manuals, specification sheets, and users manuals.  On the side bar, the results can be filtered even further by brand, use, type of product, and electrical voltage.

            This can be done for each and every type of pump that is on their website which include condensate, recirculation, jet/well, pond/garden, transfer, sump, sewage, ejector and gas powered pumps.
            When my wife and I decided to put a pond/fountain in our backyard, we went to the site and we were able to find everything that we needed under the “pond & garden’ section.  Things like the pump, pond liner, pond netting, filters, and fountain nozzles were all readily available.  We were even able to find decorative lights (that could go underwater) that came with different colors of lenses to make our pond look even more fancy!  I especially like the look that the red lens gives to our fountain at night.
            Anytime the subject of different pumps come up, I always try to tell my friends about Plumber’s Stock and the user-friendly navigation of the site.  I even offer to help them to get to the site and show them the in-depth descriptions and other helpful information that can be found on there.  Many of them have used it to get the pumps they need and told me how great they found it to be!

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