Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Danze D307756BN is Multi-Functional!

            When it comes to housework, I have to admit that my wife does most of it.  But without fail, every Saturday it is my turn to help out.  My main job: clean the bathrooms.  I don’t mind it really, but there was always one thing I didn’t like doing—cleaning the jetted tub in our master bathroom.  My main complaint was that I had to splash around water in order to rinse off the cleaner that I used to scrub the tub.  There came a time that my wife and I decided that we needed to get a new faucet to replace the one that we had for many years. 

            We both agreed that we wanted to have a side spray on our new faucet for a number of reasons, but my main reason was to make my Saturday job a little bit easier.  We weren’t sure where to start, so we went to our default search engine and simply typed in “jetted tub faucets”.  After some looking around and comparing, we found a site that had great prices and even better selection on Danze faucets, it's called Plumbersstock.   We found a wide array of bathroom faucets.  We found the perfect one to meet our needs, the Danze D307756BN.  The finished matched the bathroom sink faucet that we already had and it had a side sprayer!  After an easy installation after work on Thursday night, I was very anxious to test it out!

            The following Saturday, I took out the side spray and rinsed down the tub.  I scrubbed down the tub the best I could and then I got out the side spray to help me to remove the cleaner I used.  This made my job ten times easier!  No more filling up cups, my hands, or buckets to pour down the sides of the tubs to rinse off the cleaner!  But this wasn’t the only use for our awesome new Danze bathroom faucet.

            Sometimes after a long day at work, I need a break from being on my feet and to just feel relaxed.  The jetted tub has always been a great way for me to have this needed break and relaxation, while still getting clean.  The only problem I had in the past was having to dip my hair in the water to rinse it after I had put my shampoo in it.  A problem no more!  With the side spray from my Danze D307756BN faucet I stay dip free and can remain in a sitting position when I rinse my hair.

            My wife has also told me many times that the side spray is great when she is giving our two children their baths.  Neither of them liked it when we poured water over their heads from plastic cups to rinse them off, especially if the soapy water got into their eyes on the way down!  My wife always says that the side spray makes it easy to rinse their hair and avoid their eyes—another problem solved!  And with the button on the side spray, it makes it even easier to use and control!  We love this faucet!

(Just the other day I needed help fixing a leaky faucet in our kitchen, I found help here).

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